Corporate Social Responsibility

The term sustainability leaves a lot of room for interpretation due to the lack of an internationally uniform regulatory definition. Therefore, it is important for us to communicate transparently our understanding of sustainability.

For us, sustainability means a global view of all processes, without a time limit. Because the issue of sustainability has no expiration date - It is a continous and endless process.

In the whole company economy, ecology and social issues play a major. It is important to keep the three dimensions in line, to be competitive in the market, as well as leaving an intact structure for future generations.





Sustainability Report 2022

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Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2015/16

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Nachhaltigkeitsbericht 2012

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The following reports are based on DIN ISO 26000 "Leitfaden zur gesellschaftlichen Verantwortung" and on the reporting guideline G3 of the global reporting initiative (GRI). Since 2015 we are also operator of the "Sustainability Code".

The reporting periode includes three years.



The Sustainability Code is a benchmark for sustainability management.


The "Industrie-Club Ressourceneffizienz" (Industry-Club ressource effiviency) is a nationwide and cross-industry business platform for small and medium-sized companies that play a pioneering role in resource efficiency.



The "Klimaschutz-Unternehmen" (climate protection companies) are a cross-industry excellence initiative of companies of all sizes across Germany, which show examples for optimizing the use of energy and for climate protection.

Since November 2019, Blechwarenfabrik has held a seat on the board of directors with Annika Roth.

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