Quality is at our top priority.

The foundation stone for the high quality of our products already lies in the incoming inspection of our main material tinplate. The tinplate with its ideal properties in terms of stability, durability and sustainability is subjected to a hard test to ensure the necessary material quality for the processing and use of our products. In addition to the standard test "tensile test according to DIN EN ISO 6892-1 (Method A)" further test methods are used for the respective question.

In the course of the production process, many further production-related tests follow, some 100% in-line and some as sample controls. During painting and coating, the layer thickness can be continously monitored using modern test equipment based on optical interference technology. In addition, the ideal varnish viscosity is measured inline and controlled during painting.

Additional properties, for example the lacquer adhesion can be tested by tests such as cross-cut or flapping fold tests can also be tested comparatively before or after a pasteurization or sterilization process.

In our modern stamping center, we realised various sample inspections for example the test of the push-in and push-out behavior of the lids, to ensure secure closure, secure storage and a easy handling when opening and re-closing. In addition, we rely on a high-resolution camera system for 100% in-line control of our parts.

In final production every single container - from 50 ml canister to 30 l hobbock - passes through an in-line leak test to ensure the valuable properties of the tinplate in its application. In addition to the various tests such as height measurement, porosity testing with coated containers, weld seam inspection or test of the ball eye position, a high-resolution camera system is also used here with the automatic folding measurement.

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