The following guidelines serve the management and all employees as basis of their acting:

Self understanding

  • We are a seperate, independent and mediumsized family owned company with 140 of year old tradition.
  • We give our best and take responsibility for our doing.
  • We have all a very high requirement at us.
  • We create and receive jobs, by gaining profit.

Customer orientation

  • Our goal is to inspire the customer with our achiements.
  • We want to be better, faster and innovative than our competitors.
  • Everything which is not use by the customer, is waste and will be avoided effectively by us.

Coworker orientation

  • We are the guarantor for our success.
  • We keep promises and dates. We work openly, honestly and fair togehter.
  • We listen to each other and respect the opinions of others.


  • We look for the partnerships and co-operations with customers, suppliers and service providers.
  • Our goals are long term connections, characterized by reliability and fair conditions.
  • We consider the overall supply chain and work on "win win" success.
  • We have cooperation partners which are "best of class".


  • We reach customer satisfaction and enthusiasm only by highest quality products and services.
  • Our processes are clearly structured, we recognize the sense and work thereafter.
  • We, that means ech employee is responsible for the quality.
  • Everyone has the possibility to communicate improvements and interceptions at any time.
  • For quality improvements we do not permit organizational obstracles.

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