Recycling of tinplate

Metal a permanent material

Every year humans consume more resources as the earth can provide. All in all humans consumed 1,5 earths every year. The date of the so-called "Overshoot Day" moves forward a few days each year. In 1993 this day was still in October, now it is in august.

This means that in the future it will be increasingly important to save resources in order to preserve the environment and leave a healthy planet for future generations.

Reached a packaging of tinplate its end of use, this usually does not mean the end of the material. Tinplate is 100% recycable. A new product can be made from an old product. This reduces the use of resources and saves energy and CO² emissions. The recycling process can take place infinitely often, without a loss of quality. The prerequisite for this is that steel is an element and thus indestructible. The material only changes its shape and purpose. Today, all of the steel that has ever been made is still 80 % in circulation.

To communicate this, the european packacking federation (MPE) has designed a logo. Since the beginning of 2015, filler have been able to apply the new recycling mark to their products.

 More about the logo you can find here:

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