"Innovation out of tradition" is not only a slogan - rather the philosophiy for our company

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2020: BL becomes German Environment Prize Winner

In September 2020, Blechwarenfabrik Limburg wins the German environmental award.
The German Environment Prize has been awarded by the German Federal Environment Foundation (DBU) since 1993. With 500,000 euros, it is the most valuable environmental award in Europe. The award recognizes "commitment and performance that make a decisive contribution to the protection and preservation of our environment now and in the future in an exemplary manner." The BL shares the award together with Prof. Dr. Edenhofer.

2018: Commissioning of the new building in Limburg / Offheim

In November 2018, after a two-year construction phase, the company received the operating license for its new headquarters in Limburg / Offheim.

2016: Groundbreaking for the new plant in Limburg/Offheim

In June the construction of a new headquarter, a new production plant and a high bay racking.

2015: We never standing still

Also in the future Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH is innovative and goes with the time.

We are in terms of technology and size market leader in europe but we are suffering from shortage of space.

OUR CONCLUSION: A new building ...

We will keep you up to date.

2014: Joint-Venture in production of aerosolcans in Germany

Massilly Group / Macon und Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH / Limburg start a joint-venture to produce aerosolcans for the sizes 52 mm and 65 mm with the name ADL Aerosol Dosen Limburg GmbH located in Limburg.

2010: Location in Poland

A new location come along in Skarbimierz Osiedle and the subsidary FPS Polska Sp. z o.o. is founded.

2008: Another location in Neustadt (Wied)

In 2008 a new production plant was build in Neustadt (Wied) with approx. 7,500 square meters floor space. The plant has a 352,8 kwp big solar power system at her roof. Every year the system produce approx. 360,000 kWh. We consume 63% in our production.

2007: Location in Russia

Location in Russia. I.C.E. Russia LLC, City of Tver.

2007: Foundation of I.C.E.

I.C.E. Innovative Canmakers Europe SE is a cooperation between Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH (Limburg/Germany) und der Giorgio Fanti SpA (Bologna/Italy) - two european leaders in chemical-technical packaging. Together with other cooperation partners I.C.E. forms a european network.

2004: The Trappmann family become co-shareholders

After a long time a director also becomes shareholder.

2003: Construction of our logistic center

Building of our logistic center in Diez with 5,400 square meters floor space.

1999: Appearance of the production hall for cans

1999 the production hall for cans is developed with 7,000 square meters. For the creation of the wall covering substrate there was an architect price.

1992: Building of location 2

1992 the location 2 is developed with 2,057 square meters. Today we rent it to the "Lebenshilfe".

1980: Annexe of a stock area

1980 a stock area for finished products is build with 3,000 square meters floor space and 28,000 square meters volume.

1972: A new production hall is build

At the existence of 100 years a new production and storage hall is build with 5,000 square meters floor space.

1961: The "U" will be completed

By the annex in 1961 with 8,500 square meters and four floor the "U" was completed.

1955: The transept

In 1955 the transept with around 2,000 square meters was build. On the 2nd floor the crown cork department move in and in the large barracks in the yard there was the conical pail production and in the smaller barrack at the left there was the carpenter shop.

1950: Rebuilding and Expansion

1950 there was a rebuilding and building of a new production barrack for the conical pail production.

1944: 75% of the buildings were destroyed by an air attack

The Blechwarenfabrik was hit by two air attacks.

1904: Sales of Jos. Heppel Blech Emballagen-Fabrik

1904 Joseph Heppel sales the company to Friedrich Obenauer, Albert Obenauer and Carl Deidesheimer. The company name changed his name to Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH.

1898: Building of the first factory building

1898 Joseph Heppel build a factory with 4,700 square meters at todays location.

1872: Foundation

When the journeyman plumber Joseph Heppel founded the Joseph-Heppel-Blechemballagen-Fabrik with his in Paris acquired knowledge of the production of tin cans, he would never thought that his company once would be one of the leading producers of tinplate packaging for the chemical-technical industry..

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