As one of the first suppliers in Germany, we are providing a service on a six-color-printing-machine, that meets the highest standards of productivity, economy and quality. State-of-the-art technology enables the printing of steel and aluminum sheets of different thicknesses at convincing conditions and in impressive color brilliance. This makes a decisive contribution to the increasing competitiveness of our customers.

  • Max. sheet sizes:   1145 x 968 mm
  • Min. sheet sizes:    710 x 510 mm
  • thickness:            0,14 – 0,39 mm


With the help of state-of-the-art technology, a highly qualified team of media designers is engaged to implement the wishes of our customers in terms of design, layout, concept and many other service areas. The portfolio ranges from the idea to the finished printing plate, which is created on a modern CTP system.


We print on a 4-colour printing machine. By means of various measuring and control systems as well as specially trained employees the highest quality is guaranteed.


On our lacquering lines we are able to convert surfaces, savings and scoll coatings. Various interior and exterior lacquers, varnishes and special effects can be realized.


LIFOKA (LImburger-FOlien-KAschierung) is a registered trademark for a PET-film lamination for the interior of tin plate packaging. LIFOKA is an alternative to conventional internal coatings using lacquer, particularly for water-based filling materials or wood care products. 

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