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From the plumber to an international acting industrial company

 "Innovation out of tradition!" - Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH

<font face="Times New Roman" size="3"> </font><font face="Arial"><font size="3">Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH is one of the leading producer for chemical-technical packaging with over 140 years of tradition.<br></font></font>

<font face="Times New Roman" size="3"> </font>The company is with more than 300 employees one of the biggest industrial employers in the region of Limburg and offers lots of challenging jobs and trainings in diffrent fields.

The meaning of tradition is for us the solidarity with Limburg following the mind of our founder Joseph Heppel. Big investments in modernization and environmental protection in our headquarter in Limburg showing that we are and will be a reliable partner in the region.

The meaning of innovation is for us to follow market requirements and to safeguard the business of Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH with new products and international cooperation. Continuing that business policy Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH managed it despite all commercial crises to be a dependable and healthy partner for customers and suppliers and to be a safe employer at any time.




Hugo Sebastian Trappmann

Hiltrud Weimar

Annika Trappmann

Thomas Fachinger

Kopenhagen (Denmark)

Skarbimierz (Poland)
approx. 300



Blechwarenfabrik Limburg GmbH | Anna-Ohl-Straße 1 | D-65555 Limburg | Tel.: +49 (0)6431 299-0 | www.blechwaren-limburg.de | info(at)blef.biz